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食ベドキ+ 食材の賞味期限・消費期限管理アプリ

2.54 usd

You can manage the inventory of groceries.In addition, you can manage the expiration date of groceries.○ Feature of this app- You will be able to manage the expiration date of groceries.- You can manage the inventory of groceries.- Easily it can be manipulated.- Android 6 supports.- It is the material design.- The ad does not appear.- There is no limit to the number of data that can be registered.
○ before your purchase.First of all, please try the free version of "Expiration date Checklist".If, please purchase if you like this app.
○ Free version difference1. does not display ads.2. There is no registration limit.3. A list display function of ingredients frequently used will be added.4. Choose from some of the patterns of the color scheme of the app, you can change.5. You can have data takeover.